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Let's face it:  a tan is actually a sign of skin damage. Aviva sunless tanning solutions are a safe and beautiful alternative to sporting that natural-looking glow. Our products are formulated with the highest quality blend of natural/organic products. Our tans are flawless, natural-looking, odor-free and last 7 to 10 days.
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Services & Products

No Orange | No Odor | Organic 


Aviva Sunless Tanning Products

  • Aloe/Oil Free​

  • Alcohol/Fragrance Free

  • Hypoallergenic & Non-comedogenic

  • Vegan/Gluten Free

  • Premium Grade DHA

  • PETA/FDA Approved​

  • ​Available for Purchase

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Full Body Customized Spray Tans

  • 10 Customized Shades (Ranging from Light to Dark)

  • Rapid Spray Tan or Regular Spray Tan

  • No Orange Undertone

  • No Smelly Odor

  • Touch-up Product Available

  • Lasts 7-10 Days


Bronzing Sessions

  • Great for Special Events

  • No Orange Undertone

  • No Smelly Odor

  • Rapid Dry

  • Shower Off at 8 Hours

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Spray Tan Parties

  • Great for Weddings, Girls Night In/Out, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties & more!

  • Pricing Based on Number of Guests

  • Complimentary Tan for Host

  • We Come to You


Pricing & Packages

Gift cards available.  Treat your friends, family or significant other to the gift of tan.


Custom Full-Body Spray Tans

$35 - single session at Shades studio

$85 - 3 sessions at Shades studio

Call for pricing for away visits - based on distance

Choose when you would like to use them. All tans must be used within 6 months.

Buy FIVE get one FREE

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Bronzing Sessions

$15 - single session at Shades studio

Call for pricing for away visits - based on distance

Perfect for special events - lasts until you shower

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Annual Spray Tan Memberships

$400 one time payment – at Shades studio

Call for pricing for away visits - based on distance

Up to two custom spray tans a month

Getting Ready

Bridal Special


This luxurious bridal special includes 3 custom full body spray tans for the bride & one for maid-of-honor or mother-of-the-bride.  3 sprays for the bride include one trial before the wedding, one full body spray tan for the big day, and one option spray, either before your bachelorette party or before you honeymoon.


Spray Tan Parties

Call for pricing - based on distance & number of guests

Seaside Resort

Referral Discounts

Refer a friend get 10% off

Refer two friends get 20% off

Refer five friends get 50% off

Refer ten friends get ONE full body custom spray tan

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Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I get my spray tan before an event?
You should get your tan 1-4 days prior to an event. The tan will last 7+ days! If you are a bride, 2-3 days prior is recommended for the perfect color.

What should I do to prep for my spray tan?

For best results, shower, exfoliate well and shave 4-24 hours prior to Spray Tan. 

Do I need to remove my make-up before my spray tan?
Try to not have makeup, deodorant, sweat or oily residue on your skin the day of your tan. Face wipes will be provided if you have lingering sweat, oils from the day or make-up on, but coming to your appointment ready is preferred.

What should I avoid doing right after my spray tan?

Make sure to get waxing, massage & spa treatments before your appointment. Manicures/pedicures should be done before tan but if unable it's OK to get the next day after your 1st shower - please avoid sugar scrubs - this will ruin the tan. Avoid plans for any activities that may cause heavy sweating or any moisture for at least 12 hours. This includes moisturizer & foundation make-up, powder is ok. 

When can I take a shower or swim after I get my spray tan?

Plan to avoid showering, sweating & getting wet for at least 12 hours after application. You can shower just after 2-3 hours with my Rapid Tan. When you shower do not use hot water or any type of exfoliate product as these can fade your tan faster. Be gentle and do not scrub. Use a fresh razor when shaving.

What should I wear during my spray tan session?

Bring swimsuit, non-lacy thong or underwear, or other garments to wear during your session. Since your garments will get spray on them, please wear items that you do not mind getting bronzer on. We do have disposable underwear

available for you. Choose to wear something that makes you feel the most comfortable during application. Most ladies go topless with a dark colored thong. But if you choose for no tan lines nude is perfectly OK. If you prefer to wear a top, we recommend something dark colored & strapless. Men must wear bottoms!

What kind of clothes should I wear to my spray tan session?

Be sure to bring loose-fitting, darker colored clothing & flip-flops/slippers to wear after your session. Tight clothing will rub the tan & could create flaws. No jeans, no tight bras/sports bras, no socks. Loose maxis/cotton pants & tanks are perfect!

Will the spray tan stain my fabrics?
Although the tinted self-tanner washes out of most fabrics, it can stain nylon & leather.  

How do I best maintain my spray tan?
Lotion, lotion, lotion! This & exfoliating prior to your tan is the secret to a flawless, long-lasting tan.​ Avoid products with mineral oil, petroleum, sulfate & alcohol. Time spent in hot tubs or jacuzzis, saunas or swimming pools with chlorine may shorten the duration of the tan. Do not wear a tight sports bra during the life of your tan. These products are made of moisture-wicking material. You want your skin to stay moist, not dry. We prefer a tank with inline bra.

What should I do if I get the spray tan wet before my recommended shower time?

Be careful to get no moisture on your body right after your spray tan.  This includes, rain, water drops, lotion, foundation, the dog licking you, sweat, etc. If you do, use a dry towel & blend out with pressure. Be careful when washing your hands right after tan is applied. Stay on inside fingers/palm only, blend it dry with your hand towel & wash about 3-4 times after your tan in 3 hours.

What if it is raining on the day of my spray tan session?

If you are coming to our in-house studio, bring protection along just in case of rain, including large umbrella, rain jacket, long sleeves, pants & boots.


Story of Shades


As an avid cyclist & runner, owner Shelley Jacobs spends a lot of time outdoors. This ultimately led to a diagnosis of skin cancer in her early 30’s. Because of this, she became much more aware & concerned about sun safety. This inspired her to start Shades by Shelley. Let Shelley give you the personalized attention you deserve for a beautiful, natural-looking & safe glow.


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